What we are reading; Staff Picks

Rocio –

Kevin –  Reading (on and off) Don’t Waste Your Life by John Pieper. This is a book about living life in a way that promotes the glory of God. Also finished a book called Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy. This book was about a rogue intelligence mission to get revenge on the Colombian drug cartels for killing the U.S. head of the FBI or Attorney General or both.

Joann – I try to read from every genre in the library, and this week I am reading Golden Sower book selections.  My area is for primary grades, so I am reading picture books, and chapter books. 

Kathy – I am currently reading Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Chiaverini always writes a great story based on historical events.

Karen -Playing Nice by JP Delaney. A gripping psychological thriller, about two families that find out their family isn’t really theirs. Its a domestic suspense you will not be able to put down. Great Read!

Pam –

Dawne –

Lois- Roar by Cora Carmack. Aurora Pavan comes from one of the oldest Stormling families. As the sole heir she has been groomed to be the perfect queen. Only one thing is missing…she has yet to show any trace of the magic she will need to protect the kingdom and her people. At first marriage to a dark Stormling prince seems to be the perfect solution, but the secrets she uncovers about him frightens her. She runs away, disguising herself and becoming a storm hunter. Can she acquire magic to control storms this way?

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