What we are reading; Staff Picks


Libby  – Well, the Kathy Herman book was great! Its a Christian Fiction mystery. It was book one in the Sophie Trace Trilogy. Looking forward to the next one. I did sneak a Charles Martin book, The Dead Don’t Dance in.  I always enjoy his books and they are a quick read. I’m reading Patricia Briggs Steal the Dragon now, it is Book Three of the fantasy/fiction Sianim Series.

Melinda – I’m re-reading the Nalini Singh books.  The series I am working through right now is the Psy-Changelings series, and am currently on book 13.  Each of the books follows one Psy person, each with a different skill, and how the either escape the NetMind or deal with it.

I also just finished a Young Adult book, The Girl Made of Stars.  It’s hard sometimes to read the YA books that deal with crisis.  This is about a girl whose twin brother was accused of raping his girlfriend, her best friend.  It is full of teen angst and young relationship drama.  Pick a teen drama, and this book has it.

Kevin –  Reading Red Card: How the U.S. Blew the Whistle on the World’s Biggest Sports Scandal by Ken Bensinger. This book details the investigation by IRS, FBI and Justice Department officials to uncover corruption at the highest levels of FIFA, the governing body of world soccer.

Joann – I try to read from every genre in the library, and this week I am reading Golden Sower book selections.  My area is for primary grades, so I am reading picture books, and chapter books.

Lynne – I am reading “The Kremlin Conspiracy” by Joel C. Rosenberg.  It is about tensions between the United States and Russia and how one man works to prevent disaster.

Kathy – I am reading the Red River of the North series by Lauraine Snelling.  I am currently reading the fifth book in the series, Tender Mercies.  Great series with lots of insight into the immigrants from Norway, who settled in the North Dakota Red River Valley.

For a totally different genre, I just finished reading the 17th Suspect by James Patterson.  Another sequel to the Women’s Murder Club Series.  They are always good reading!

Rose –

Lois – Smoke in the Sun by Renee Ahdieh . This is book 2 in the Flame in the Mist Series. Mariko will do what she must- even marry the emperor’s brother – to save the life of the one she loves who has been captured and awaits execution.

Karen – The Girl With Seven Names: This is  a true story of  girl who grew up under one of the world’s ruthless and secretive dictatorships. The Kim dynasty, in North Korea. At the age of seventeen, Hyeonseo Lee decides to escape North Korea. This is an amazing story, you will learn so much about the people of North Korea the way they lived and the way they survived.




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