What we are reading; Staff Picks

Libby  – I’m reading Lisa Jewel’s Watching You. Very intense psychological thriller. Just finished Charles Martin Send Down the Rain, and I always enjoy reading him. I’ve got a Patricia Briggs book and a C.J. Box book waiting in the wings

Melinda – I am now reading the series of Mercy Kilpatrick books, by Kendra Elliot.  They are about an FBI agent who moves back to her hometown, and works alongside the local police Chief. Often mentioned in the storylines, is the fact that her family, and many around the area, are “preppers.” This affects her perception of those around her and sometimes causes dischord.  

Kevin –  Reading (on and off) Don’t Waste Your Life by John Pieper. This is a book about living life in a way that promotes the glory of God. Also finished a book called Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy. This book was about a rogue intelligence mission to get revenge on the Colombian drug cartels for killing the U.S. head of the FBI or Attorney General or both.

Joann – I try to read from every genre in the library, and this week I am reading Golden Sower book selections.  My area is for primary grades, so I am reading picture books, and chapter books.

Lynne – I just finished “sold on a Monday” by Kristina McMorris.  This story is based on a factual event during the depression.  It is a very moving story that requires an up and coming newspaper reporter to decide what is really important to him in his life.  

Kathy – I am currently reading Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Chiaverini always writes a great story based on historical events.

Rose – Catching Kay By Robert Lee Hatcher: Christian series I am reading. Love , politics and walking the path kay is intended to walk. Decision making , mistakes along the way but overcoming the obstacles , putting pieces back together and realizing there is a wider and brighter life when the right perspectives are in place. This book talks on Susan B. Anthony and the women’s movement a love for what the creator wants for kay’s life but it was also a blinding obstical that needed some maintenance . Her best friend was also her husband . She felt the love , yet pushed it away, believing that if she ran for congress she could not be in any other relationship; for it would get in the way. Mr. Rafferty stayed by his wife’s side till he couldn’t take the heartbreak anymore, in the end it comes together but if you want to know more grab the book and start reading.

Lois – Morning Star, Book 3 of the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

Karen -Where the Crawdads Sing-Delia Owens: I love this book! 5 stars. It is a page turner. I did not want it to end, New York Times Best Seller List. Good Read

The Wife Between Us : What a twisted story. Must read. by Greer Hendricks

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