Sandhill Cranes at the Rowe Sanctuary

“Booked for Lunch” on Tuesday, June 5 was  Don Brockmeier presented Sandhill Cranes at the Rowe Sanctuary.  He spoke about his work with the Rowe Sanctuary.  He has been very involved with the Sanctuary and had many photos to go along with the program.  There were many images of the cranes, as we all expected and loved, but he also showed us the different blinds that were available to see at the Sanctuary.  Some were geared towards photographers, some towards the casual guest, and one was specifically for overnight visits.  He showed us some of the gift shop images, as well as explained how there were meeting rooms available for groups and presentations.  Don had many anecdotes of his time spent with Rowe Sanctuary.  This program is sponsored by the Lexington Library Memorial Fund, the Friends of the Library, the Lexington Community Foundation, the Emerson Fund, and Humanities Nebraska.


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