Anime Club

New Anime Club for students meets at Lexington Library

A new club meets at the Lexington Public Library, allowing students to learn more about Japanese cartoon books, called Anime.

The group, called the Anime Club, meets at Lexington Public Library’s Benthack Room on Sundays most weeks. It is open to all students and only charges a one-time fee of $3.

The club has met at the library since Sept. 6.

Started by Chasie Gregerson, the club provides a relaxed environment for students to see Anime movies, eat snacks and read and talk about Anime.

Gregerson said she discovered and fell in love with Anime when an Anime Club was started at her high school in Hastings.

On Anime books, she said they are “graphic novels that read differently, the start of the book is the back and you read them from right to left.”

Just like regular books, Anime books can be about any genre, both fiction and non-fiction, Gregerson said.  Lexington Library has Anime for all age groups.

“It’s a natural thing for me, starting an Anime Club. I wasn’t a fan of sports growing up. I see myself in a lot of kids that come to Anime Club here,” she said.

A typical Anime Club meeting starts with the serving or informal getting of snacks or food, followed by the playing of an Anime movie, Gregerson said. If a student has a question about the movie during the showing, she said she is ready to pause the film to answer questions.

To show an Anime movie, Gregerson said she uses an app on her Xbox to show them via a projector. One film the students in the club have been watching, deals with the devil of the Japanese world having to work at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant to gain power and influence, she said.

On the devil in the movie, she said, “He’s evil but he doesn’t turn so evil anymore.”

So far, the funds for snacks and supplies for the Anime Club have come from her own pocket, Gregerson said. However, in an effort to provide more funds for the club, she said club students will be doing fundraising.

In mid to late October, Anime Club students will have order sheets to sell different varieties of popcorn for $10 a half gallon, Gregerson said.

The Anime Club will receive about 40-50 percent of the profit from the sales, she said.

“Fundraising will help the club get more books and movies,” Gregerson said.

During a club meeting October 14, she treated the Anime Club students to crockpot ramen. The soup consists of noodles with meat, scallions and hard boiled eggs, Gregerson said.

Incorporating food, along with books and films, is just one of the ways the club seeks to embrace and expose youth to Japanese culture, she said.

Youth involved with the club are eager to learn more about all things Japanese and have even asked her to invite a guest speaker who is from, or has lived in, Japan, Gregerson said.

During a future Anime Club meeting, Gregerson said she is hoping to show the students how to make sushi.

“I want the club to keep growing, to keep on getting kids who want to be educated,” Gregerson said.

“I love these kids, they are really respectful and nice,” she said.

The Anime Club meets weekly at the Lexington Public Library from 1:30 to 4 p.m. on Sundays.

For more information on the Anime Club contact Chasie Gregerson at 308-746-3334 or email her at













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