Libby/ Overdrive

Libby, the Overdrive digital reading app, is known for offering free access to digital eBooks and audiobooks.

Now the app offers access to magazines. Digital magazines, eBooks and audiobooks can all be found, borrowed and read in one place. Over 3,000 magazine titles are available for immediate access. All magazines are available for unlimited simultaneous use and there is no checkout limit. Magazines are offered in a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German and French. Popular, top-selling titles in a variety of areas of interest are included in the collection.

Get the Libby app from the App Store-Apple or Google Play Store for access to eBooks, audiobooks and magazines. If you have questions or for more information about Overdrive access through Libby, call the library at 308-324-2151.

Libby will not be replacing the OverDrive app but if you are a user of our existing OverDrive app, please feel free to continue using it. Libby does not currently support Recommend to Library or multilingual interfaces, but these features will continue to be accessible through the OverDrive app. Kindle format is not currently supported outside of US libraries.

Overdrive has purchased One Click Digital, and those resources will now be available through Overdrive.

For more information on Libby please go to the Libby Help page 

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