Friends of the Library

Friends of the Lexington Public Library are volunteers who support the Library in many ways.  For every delicious cup of coffee and every yummy brownie you eat, those funds go to the Friends of the Library.  When you come to an event, a reading or musical performance, those helpers directing you, or serving you snacks, they are Friends of the Library.  They don’t just help out around the Library, they support the Library through financial support for ongoing programs provided by Friends, active volunteer service, and most importantly, by creating a passionate voice for the advancement of the Library and its initiatives.

Becoming a friend of the Lexington Library,  you will have the opportunity to:

Support the Library, which is a vital part of the community;

Learn countless ways the Library enriches the lives of the people of Lexington;

Be part of the rewarding opportunity to deliver books once a month to shut-ins; “It’s fun to see how happy people are to have books to read, even when they can’t get to the Library.”

Bake and sell brownies, especially to the hungry Middle School students, to raise funds to help purchase items on the Library’s wish list;

Help develop new projects that support the Library;

Choose to volunteer for the projects you like—It’s up to you!

“We help ‘our’ Library any way we can, while we enjoy a variety of projects that are fun!”

You can volunteer wherever needed– You will be with other “lovers of books!”

Programs Affiliated with the Lexington Friends of the Library:

  • Books on Wheels Program– The friends of the library deliver over 100 items to approximately 20 shut-ins on a monthly basis
  • Provide treats for summer reading and other library events.
  • Help maintain the Library’s Discovery Packs.
  • Purchase the Golden Sower Nominee books for all categories each year.

– The Golden Sower Award is the Nebraska Children’s Choice Book Award Program.

  • Sponsor the Treasure Trove Flea Market at the Library
  • Sponsor Java Junction Coffee Bar
  • Sponsor Humanities Nebraska Speaker Bureau programs at the library.
  • Provide exhibits for the Library’s entryway display case.
  • Sponsor the annual Gently Used Cook Book Sale.
  • Held a bake sale on Lexington High School’s homecoming and on election day.
  • Promoted the “Change for Change” jar at the Library for Give Big Lexington.