Nebraska POW Camps

The Booked For Lunch program on March 6, 2018 was Melissa Amateis, presenting her book Nebraska POW Camps, A History of WW2 Prisoners in the Heartland.  She explained how the prisoners were captured in many different places during WW2, and shipped to the US, to be housed all over the country.  3 large camps were in Nebraska, the closest to us being in Atlanta, south of Holdrege.  There were also many base camps, which were outposts and held many less POWs.  She told stories of daily routines of the men, about working on local farms during this time, and of the conditions in the camp, which were often better than the conditions in their home countries.  She had photos and family stories she shared with the group.  Her book is available for checkout at the  Lexington Library.